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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two Companies in Transportation

Company 1:
Average of last six years' Return on Networth is around 31%

Book Value: 7,764 Million
Last Fiscal PAT:  2,267
Last Traded Market Cap: 8,546 (High)

P/BV ~ 1.1
P/E ~ 4
which means your real return is around 28%, if you invest at this price.

Company 2:
Average of last six years' Return on Networth is around 23%
Book Value Per Share: 37,317 Million
Last Fiscal PAT:  7,791
Last Traded Market Cap: 148,850 (High)

P/BV ~ 4
P/E ~ 19
which means real return is around 6%, if you invest at this price

Both are in very predictable industries, which can be seen from their gross and operating profit margin trends and the future outlook is not so similar.  The company 1 has been growing their volumes at around 30% in the last 10 years and company 2 at lower double digits, posting the first drop in volumes in the last year.

Trying to guess which these two are?  It is Concor - company 1 is Concor in Oct 2001 and company 2 is the same Concor in Oct 2009.

The outcomes are definitely going to be contrary on investing on these two dates.
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