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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Charlie Munger

I came across an interesting story about 2005 Berkshire Hathaway meeting. There was a book sale - of "Poor Charlie's Almanac". I had heard of "Poor Richard's Almanac" with wit and wisdom of Ben Franklin, whose philosophy strikes a chord with me. But Poor Charlie? I hadn't heard of Charlie Munger before, other than a casual mention as the Vice Chairman of Berkshire. I read some excerpts (thanks to Amazon!!) and was immediately impressed (which is saying much for me). I promptly placed an order on Poor Charlie's Almanack.

The coffee table book is a cornucopia of investment wisdom, is to say the least. It is a lattice work of investment thought process, to borrow a term from the book a "lollapalooza". I have read it once, back to back during Summer and would like to go back and read it again this Summer to capture a few ideas that I may have missed. Watch this space for more, soon.

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